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Wild Week Giveaway Facebook Competition!

Posted on Jan 27, 2013 by Rupert Shanks

Don’t say we aren’t good to you!

Today we are launching our Wild Week Giveaway Facebook competition. Each day we will be issuing a challenge on our Facebook competition page to give you the chance to win some awesome prizes.

If you complete all 5 daily challenges correctly you will be entered into a draw to win the Mega Prize!


Winner from Day  5 and winner of the Mega Prize!
The answer was…

A Palmate Newt. Our friendly slimy friend!

The winner was…

Fiona Matters


A huge thank you to everybody who took part. We hope you had fun!


Winner from Day 4
The answer was…

On Shetland looking at Birds. (Specifically a Cormorant, a Hooded Cow, Young Seagull,Herring Gull, Black Guillemot and a Great Skua!)

The winner was…

Lucy Rothwell


Remember today is the last day and last chance to win the Mega Prize!


Winner from Day 3
The answer was…

A Tammie Norrie is a Puffin and was spotted in Orkney in June 2012!

The winner was…

Edward Keep!



Winner from Day 2
The answer was…

National Geographic were hoping to propel their readers our of their armchairs and into…the field.

The winner was…

Nancy Bradford!


Winner and Answer from Day 1
The answer was…

Orcas spotted off the Knoydart peninsula in July last year! What an amazing sight that was.

The winner was…

Louise Hutchings.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the prizes available…

Wild Week Giveaway prizes

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